Access Music Australia

The Virus synthesizers are the de-facto standard for Virtual Analog synthesis.

About Access Music Access Music is a privately held manufacturer of musical instruments from Germany. Founded in 1997 with the mission to hardware editors to access the sound parameters buried in menu driven synthesizers, we soon found out that building our own synthesizer would be much more fun. The first Virus synth was a 12-voice virtual analog synthesizer, unique in comparison to competitor products in that it wasn’t trying to clone any particular vintage product. This ultimately gave us the freedom to evolve the sound engine in creative directions, which we did “big time” with completely free software updates.

In the years since, our synthesizer’s voice count has grown to nearly a hundred. Our standalone hardware instrument now has the capability for total integration into the modern sequencer environment. The Virus’ USB connection provides such unique features as total recall, sample accurate timing, and more.