ALVA Cables Australia

ALVA Professional Cable range – a collection of durable audio products built to the highest standards.

Forming a perfect complement to the products from our partners from RME, there´s an extensive selection of professional cables and a range of other items designed to make studio or on-stage life easier.

Naturally these products aren´t just limited to use with RME devices. There´s much more on offer, for example reasonably priced, ready-made pro audio cables which, given the required specifications, can often be hard to find.

Detailed technical information on the packaging reduces your chances of arriving at the studio, stage, or installation with the wrong cable.

ALVA Analog Multicore Cables

ALVA audio multicore “snake” cables contains from four to 64 individual audio cables inside a common, sturdy outer jacket. ALVA audio multicore cables are widely used whenever multiple audio signals, for example from a number of microphones, need to be conveyed between common locations. Typical professional audio applications include audio recording, sound reinforcement, PA systems and broadcasting. The “snake” is typically used to make it easier to route many signals from the microphones or other input transducers, to the audio console or sound equipment.

ALVA Digital AES/EBU Cables

ALVA AES/EBU Cables (also known as AES3 Cables) is a standard for the exchange of digital audio signals between professional audio devices. AES/EBU was jointly developed by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). An AES/EBU signal can carry two channels of PCM audio over several transmission media including balanced lines, unbalanced lines, and optical fiber. AES/EBU has been incorporated into the International Electrotechnical Commission’s standard IEC 60958, and is available in a consumer-grade variant known as S/PDIF.

ALVA Madi Cables

ALVA Multichannel Audio Digital Interface (MADI) or AES10 is an Audio Engineering Society (AES) standard that defines the data format and electrical characteristics of an interface that carries multiple channels of digital audio. The MADI standard includes a bit-level description and has features in common with the two-channel AES3 interface. MADI supports serial digital transmission over coaxial cable or fibre-optic lines of 28, 56, or 64 channels; and sampling rates of up to 96 kHz with an audio bit depth of up to 24 bits per channel.

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