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Looking for Mogami Cables? Look no further – we stock Australia’s largest range of Mogami Cables. If your loooking for a cable we don’t have listed please contact us and we can normally get these in within 48 Hours.

Welcome to the worlds best Audio Cables, bulk and pre-terminated – THE CABLE OF THE PROS | MOGAMI Platinum, Gold and Silver Cables are trusted by music professionals worldwide. Mogami is the most respected cable for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and cable for Keyboards and Pedals. Mogami also makes microphone cables for live stage performances and studio recordings as well as cables for powered speakers, DJ equipment, Headphones and iPod®/MP3 players. Mogami bulk cable, patch cable, recording interface and fan-out snake cables are used in the finest analog/digital studios, recording equipment, and patch bays.

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If your loooking for a Mogami cable we dont have listed, drop us a line and we will get it for you.

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