Canare L-4E5AT StarQuad 5mm Foil Shield Cable Per/m


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Canare Star Quad 5mm Aluminium Foil Shield Microphone Cable (L-4E5AT) per/m

Canare Star Quad obtains its name from the 4-conductor style construction that minimizes the “loop area” between twists of the conductors. This “double balanced” pairing, reduces susceptibility to electromagnetically induced noise. The improvement in noise rejection is so noticeable, that even SCR dimmer noise (stage lighting consoles), is reduced to less than 1/10 the level found in other 2-conductor microphone cables.

Canare Star Quad is designed for use with microphones but is also excellent for all line-level signals (e.g. mixer to power amps). The 4-conductor Star Quad arrangement, cancelles electromagnetically induced noise from SCR dimmer packs, fluorescent lighting ballast and AC power transformers. Handling noise is prevented by use of cotton filler material. Excellent frequency response is maintained due to special irradiated polyethylene insulation which provides a low capacitance dielectric.

Canare Star Quad cable with braided shields is super flexible. We use large numbers of thin wires strands in coper conductors and overall braided shield. We extrude a special compound PVC outer jacket that remains pliant at extremely low temperatures with no wait between cold shipping and installation.


A 22 AWG profile Star Quad audio cable with the same shield, drain wire and Kevlar construction style as L-4E6AT



  • Aluminium Foil Shield,  100% coverage
  • Built in Dupont® Kevlar 29
  • Drain Wire
  • Cross Linked PE Insulation
  • Reduced Handling Noise
  • Rejects EMI and RFI


Specification for Star Quad Foil Shield Cables:


Canare selects cotton, jute and /or exoticpolyester fibers for packing. These fillers prevent stretching and twisting of the inner conductors which can cause noise. Additionally, paper, Mylar and/or cloth tape, bind conductors so cables hold their shape.


Canare does not use spiral (serve) shields because they can spread apart with use. Our shields are more difficult to manufacture because we use many thin copper strands in a densely woven braid. The shields are super flexible and offer outstanding noise rejection.


All Canare microphone cables utilise high-conductivity, annealed copper wires, stranded to form flexible conductors and shields


Canare cables utilises special polymer compounds that reduce capacitive “R-C” filter roll off within the cable and prevent high voltage breakdown. By irradiating the material, the polymer becomes extensively cross-linked, chemically inert, water resistant, and remains flexible at very low temperatures. Irradiated PE is superior to ordinary polyethylene because it is heat resistant. Canare insulation will not shrink back, flow or char when soldering, so you save initial and rework time, and achieve more reliable connections


Canare uses specifically formulated PVC compounds that combine to make a tough, strong and durable outer jacket with excellent flexibility. These qualities are retained even at very low temperatures, so Canare cables will not stiffen or crack. Available in 10 attractive colors.



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