Mogami Platinum Series Guitar Cable Straight to Straight with Silent Plug

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Mogami Platinum Series Guitar cable Straight-Straight with Silent plug

The finest sounding cable you can buy, Platinum Guitar/Instrument cable is designed to be completely transparent and unleashes the essential performance of your electric guitar. This large diameter instrument cable is surprisingly flexible and gives guitarists great freedom of movement and an absolutely drop-dead silent background.

Platinum Guitar (12, 20, 30 or 40 ft)

  • Neutrik ® Silent Plug allows hot-swapping guitars without the earsplitting pop
  • Ultra High Density 100% coverage Copper Spiral Shield for silent background.
  • Low Loss Cellular Polyethylene Insulation
  • Conductive PVC eliminates handling noise
  • Oxygen Free Copper Core
  • Lifetime warranty

Applicable Equipment

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Keyboard



THE CABLE OF THE PROS | Mogami Platinum, Gold and Silver Cables are trusted by music professionals worldwide. Mogami is the most respected cable for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and cable for Keyboards and Pedals. Mogami also makes microphone cables for live stage performances and studio recordings as well as cables for powered speakers, DJ equipment, Headphones and iPod®/MP3 players. Mogami bulk cable, patch cable, recording interface and fan-out snake cables are used in the finest analog/digital studios, recording equipment, and patch bay
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12ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft


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