Mogami W2697 Miniature Mic Cable 2.5mm | 200m Spool


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Mogami W2697 Miniature Balanced / Lavalier Microphone Cable | 200m Spool


These miniature microphone cables feature necessary mechanical strength (tensile strength and long flex life) and flexibility for lavalier microphones and other applications. All balanced configuration. Part No. W3031 cable is exactly same construction as Part No. W2697 cable except for shield structure. Part No. W2697 cable is constructed with served (spiral) shield, while Part No. W3031 cable is constructed with braided shield. Part No. W2901 is specially designed with better tensile strength and longer flex life, sacrificing some sound quality, and creating a slightly more difficult soldering job because of used copper-tin alloy conductor, this cable is mechanically very strong and durable.



Configurationdiagram cable w2697diagram cable w3031diagram cable w2901
Part No.W2697W3031W2901
No. of Conductor2
ConductorDetails16/0.08 A <T1000D*1>43/0.04 Cu-Sn
Size(mm²)0.08mm² (#28 AWG)0.054mm² (#30 AWG)
InsulationOv. Dia.(mm)0.85Ø (0.033″)0.6Ø (0.0236″)
ColorsRed / WhiteBlack / Red
Filler ThreadPolypropylene
ShieldServed Shield
Approx. 60/0.08A
Braided Shield
Approx. 16/6/0.08A
Double Served Shield
Approx. 35/0.08A,
Approx. 40/0.08A
JacketOv. Dia.(mm)2.5Ø (0.098″)2.8Ø (0.110″)2.16Ø (0.085″)
MaterialFlexible PVC
ColorsBlackBlack / WhiteBlack
Roll Sizes50m (164 Ft)
100m (328Ft)
200m (656Ft)
200m (656Ft)
(on spool)
305m (1000Ft)
Weight1.8kg / 200m2.5kg / 200m2.7kg / 305m


Part No.W2697W3031W2901
DC Resistance at 20°CInner Cond.0.23Ω/m(0.070Ω/Ft)0.41Ω/m(0.125Ω/Ft)
Capacitance at 1kHz, 20°C
(Partial C. Value)
See below figure*
Inductance between conductors at 1kHz. 20°C0.8µH/m(0.24µH/Ft)
Electrostatic Noise**50mV Max.200mV Max.1mV Max.
Electromagnetic Noise**0.15mV Max.
Microphonics at 50KΩ Load**300mV Max.150mV Max.40mV Max.
Voltage BreakdownMust withstand at DC 500V/15sec.
Insulation Resistance100000 MΩ × m Min. at DC 125V, 20°C
Flex Life**49,000 cycles26,000 cycles177,000 cycles
Tensile Strength294N313N176N
EmigrationNon-emigrant to ABS
Applicable Temperature-20°C‾ +70°C(-4°F‾ +158°F)

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