Mogami W2934 16-Channel Microphone Cable per/m


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Mogami W2934 16-Channel Snake Multicore Microphone Cable per/m


Mogami multicore cables are designed for the highest level of audio performance and feature superb electrical and mechanical characteristics while remaining compact, superflexible and easy to use.

  • Individually twisted shielded pairs, available in 2 to 48 channels.
  • XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) insulation provides superb electrical characteristics and will not melt or shrink back during soldering.
  • Rugged and flexible construction that is easy to handle, even at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F).
  • Easy cable identification system:
    • Channel numbers are printed and underlined on each core jacket to ensure correct identification, regardless of which end is stripped.
    • Outer jackets of each pair are colour coded by standard resistor colour code, allowing quick identification of conductor pairs.
    • Inner conductors are also colour coded based on the international standard resistor colour code. Each pair is colour coded by jacket and conductor colour combination.
  • Each channel has a drain wire and served (spiral) bare copper shield. The drain wire simplify termination and can be crimped by the same size contact as the inner conductor pair.
  • CL2 rated version available. Conductor size of CL2 rated version is thicker #25AWG so that it is also recommended for rugged application and firm and easier crimp terminal connector wiring as well as NEC fire regulation requirement.



Part No.No. of ChannelsOv. Dia. (Approx. mm)Jacket Thickness (Approx. mm)Weight (kg/100m)(kg/328Ft)Maximum Length available
W29302-ch7.5(0.295″)1.0(0.039″)7506m (1,659Ft)
W293416-ch15.8(0.622″)1.5(0.059″)32305m (1,000Ft)
W293948-ch26.0(1.02″)2.0(0.079″)97200m (656Ft)




DC Resistance at 20°CInner Pair Conductor0.13Ω/m(0.040Ω/Ft)
Capacitance at 1kHz, 20°C (Partial Capacitance Value) See Figure (1)K0130pF/m(40pF/Ft)
Electrostatic Noise (Hum Pick-up)*2.5mV Max.
Electromagnetic Noise at 10kHz*
(Inductance of the toroidal core: 595µH)
0.1mV Max.
Method: Stepping on cable
50mV Max. at 50kΩ/ Load
Voltage BreakdownMust withstand at DC 500V/15sec.
Insulation Resistance at DC 125V, 20°C100000 MΩ/ × m Minimum
Tensile Strength of one pair (26°C, 65% RH)274N
EmigrationNon-emigrant to ABS resin
Applicable Temperature-20°C‾ +70°C(-4°F‾ +158°F)
StandardUL13 CL2X 60°C / UL 20002 AWM 30V 60°C VW-1

* Using standard testing methods of Mogami Wire & Cable Corp.





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