Pro Tools ARTIST Perpetual – New


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Pro Tools Artist Perpetual Perpetual Licence – New


This product requires that you have an iLok account for authorisation, although it does not require a physical iLok key. 

Get everything you need to make beats, write songs, record vocals and instruments, and mix studio-quality music that’s ready to be heard across the world’s most popular streaming platforms. Pro Tools Artist makes music creation fast and fluid, providing many of the same tools the pros use to create your favourite songs and albums.

With a current Pro Tools Artist perpetual license you get access to all the software and plugins below, including Pro Tools | Inner Circle rewards and Pro Tools | Sonic Drop content. Please note that if you allow your plan to expire, you will lose access to many of the plugins below, Celemony Melodyne 5 essential, and new Inner Circle rewards and Sonic Drop content—get more details.

Here’s what software, plugins, virtual instruments, and sounds are included with Pro Tools Artist.

Included Software and Rewards


Included Plugins

Dynamics and EQ


Effects, Filters, and Emulators


Reverbs and Delays


Stompbox Effects


Virtual Instruments and Loops


Audio Tools

  • Click II
  • DC Offset Removal (AudioSuite only)
  • Dither
  • Down Mixer
  • Duplicate (AudioSuite only)
  • Gain (AudioSuite only)
  • InTune
  • Invert (AudioSuite only)
  • MasterMeter
  • Normalize (AudioSuite only)
  • Pitch II
  • Pitch Shift (AudioSuite only)
  • POW-r Dither
  • Reverse (AudioSuite only)
  • ReWire
  • Signal Generator
  • Time Adjuster
  • Time Compression/Expansion (AudioSuite only)
  • Time Shift (AudioSuite only)
  • Trim


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