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Reason Studios (AKA Propellerhead) – REASON 11 SUITE

Make music the way you want

This, the Suite version of Reason 11 comes with 28 instruments, 31 effects, 73 total devices and a 7GB sound and sample library. Outside of the Reason Rack plugin, Reason 11 adds 2 new devices – Quartet Chorus Ensemble: four flavours of chorus and ensemble effects. from classic vintage chorus to the unique sound of granular ensemble and the Sweeper Modulation Effect, a high quality, multi-talented phaser, flanger and filter unit with expansive dynamic modulation options. Additionally Reason 11 now allows you to place their much loved Master Bus Compressor, Channel Dynamics and Channel EQ plugins anywhere in your signal chain.

Bring Reason’s synths, instruments, effects and sounds anywhere you want with the Reason Rack Plugin.

Your favourite Reason instruments can now be used in your favourite DAW, complete with the free routing and great sounds you’d expect from Reason.

Propellerhead Software becomes Reason Studios and announces a major update to its flagship music making software, Reason. Enabling music makers of all major digital audio workstations to plug the Reason Rack into their sessions, Reason 11 includes the Reason Rack Plugin, on top of a number of updates to its standalone music making software.

“The rack of devices has always been the core of Reason. Now with Reason 11, anyone can easily add the Reason Rack Plugin to their favourite DAW” said Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Propellerhead Product Manager. “With the addition of 6 new devices, the Reason Rack is bigger than ever, so that you can make music the way you want. We’ve, of course, improved Reason as a DAW too, adding some of the most requested workflow features like improved sequencing and editing.”

Bring your favourite Reason devices into any DAW with the Reason Rack Plugin (VST/AU*). Or, sequence faster than ever with razor sharp focus. Edit, draw, crossfade, curve and zoom–building your tracks in no time. Craft and polish your sound with new innovative modulation effects and a trio of devices pulled from Reason’s million-dollar mixing console.

“We’re changing our name to Reason Studios to clearly express our dedication in delivering the best experience for all music makers, regardless of where they are in their creative journeys,” said Timothy Self, Chief Product Officer. “The world really knows us for Reason. Reason Studios encapsulates our mission of building a platform for all music creators. Reason 11, with its seamless integration into other music production software, truly exemplifies how we want to open up to the world.”

New Reason 11 devices include:

  • The full Reason 11 package, featuring everything Reason has to offer
  • NEW Reason Rack Plugin – Use Reason’s rack in your favourite DAW
  • NEW Quartet Chorus Ensemble device
  • NEW Sweeper Modulation Effect
  • Legendary EQ and Dynamics from the mixer are now available as rack devices
  • Sequencer workflow improvements like curved automation and audio clip crossfades
  • 28 total instruments
  • 31 effects
  • Versatile multi-track sequencer
  • VST Plug-in support

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