RME ARC USB Advanced Remote Control for TotalMix FX

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RME  ARCUSB Advanced Remote Control for TotalMix FX

The ARC USB is a wired, USB 1.1 advanced remote control that provides direct access to the most frequently used actions and commands in TotalMix FX. It is compatible with all RME devices supported by TotalMix FX, via a Windows or Mac computer. The unit can also be connected directly to a Fireface UFX+ or Fireface UFX II, when operating these interfaces in standalone mode. The ARC USB features a flexible Key Command Settings menu that lets you assign more than 36 different functions to any of the 15 keys. The behaviour of each individual key/button can be changed between push, toggle, enable, and disable, depending on the base function. Available commands include Global Mute, Solo, Mute Group, Fader Group, Speaker B, DIM, Mute FX, Mono, Talkback, Snapshot 1-8, Mic Gain, and more. A large rotary encoder wheel lets you change the value of parameters, and is also programmable in TotalMix FX. A set of stickers with all currently available commands is included and can be used to label the keys to reflect the current user configuration.

The One Remote


This wired remote has been designed for direct access to the most frequently used actions and commands of TotalMix FX, being an indispensable tool in the studio’s daily applications. Its extremely flexible configuration through TotalMix FX will simplify workflow and greatly increase the usability of the RME interface in most real-world situations. The ARC USB is a USB 1.1 (UAC1) MIDI remote control, natively compatible to Windows and Mac OS X. As soon as it is present in the operating system TotaIMix FX will detect it and communicate with it, without disturbing other remote controls. Therefore it is also not necessary to switch the ARC USB on or off within TotalMix FX – it will just work.

Control several interfaces simultaneously

And because it communicates with TotalMix FX (via USB) it is compatible to all RME audio interfaces that are detected and supported by TotalMix FX. This goes back to RME interfaces released 2001! As soon as the ARC USB is connected to a computer any button press or wheel turning will cause the respective action performed by TotalMix FX – and therefore also by the RME audio interface. With the UFX+ and UFX II the ARC USB can also be connected directly to these devices, currently the only RME interfaces having an internal USB 1.1 host with matching connector. This way of connecting is handy in stand-alone mode, where the ARC USB is also supported by the UFX+ and UFX II. The ARC USB is bus powered, but draws only little current. Also it uses USB 1.1 as bus standard, which these days is uncritical due to its lower frequency and speed demands. USB 2 cables with 5 meter to 10 meter length, and cheap USB 2 cable extensions that usually make a bus-powered interface fail will work perfectly for the ARC USB. Still at higher lengths RME recommends to use active USB 2 cables (also called extension or repeater cables), which are not expensive and work over lengths of more than 20 meters. The ARC USB can control several interfaces simultaneously, which happens automatically as the Key Commands dialog in TotalMix FX is specific to the currently selected audio interface. Just assign only the functions that are desired for each respective interface. After that the ARC USB keys and the encoder wheel remote the respective interface where they have been assigned to, without the need to further switch or select anything in normal operation.


ARC USB and UFX+ / UFX II in Stand-Alone Mode

In stand-alone mode of Fireface UFX+ / UFX II a fixed set of functions is activated on the keys:

  • Row 1: Setup 1-4
  • Row 2: Setup 5-6 x x
  • Row 3: Mono, Volume Phones 1, Volume Phones 2, DIM
  • Lower keys: DURec: Rec, Play/Pause, Stop

x = no function The included stickers also offer the stand-alone layout. In the UFX+ / UFX II display’s menu the way of operating the ARC USB can be configured for stand-alone mode. Those options are found under SETUP/REV, Options, Hardware/Diagnosis:

Standalone ARC Volume

Deactivates all keys. Only the encoder wheel works, with a fixed assignment to Main Volume. This option is also a safety function in case the ARC USB is connected to the UFX+ / UFX II, but oper-ated online (with computer). When the system goes offline (computer removed, sleep state…) the functions on the keys change, because online mode changed to stand-alone mode. Operating the keys then could activate unintended functionality or changes.

Standalone ARC 1 s op

Each key has to be pressed for one second to activate the programmed functionality. This safety function prevents unintentional changes. It can be stored within the Setups, activating this mode automatically when such a Setup is loaded. When loading a Setup where this function had not been active this mode is automatically deactivated at the UFX+ / UFX II.


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