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RME MADIface USB 128-Channel mobile MADI USB 2.0 Audio Interface


A perfect companion

Mixer, router, format converter, stream splitter, signal repeater – the MADIface USB is a perfect addition to any MADI system. You can use it to create redundancy, for automatic failover, and even for creating mixes with extremely low latency between the optical, coaxial and USB 2.0 audio inputs altogether! The MADIface USB can be easily integrated into a broad range of applications.


RME MADIface USB MADI Interface at a Glance:


  • Handle high channel counts over long distances effortlessly
  • TotalMix FX mixer gives you powerful control over large track counts
  • Use it standalone as a powerful MADI repeater or format converter


Handle high channel counts over long distances effortlessly

Long story short, the RME MADIface USB lets you run digital audio over vast distances with rock-solid reliability. Depending on the sample rate you’re using, you can have up to 64 simultaneous record and playback channels. It’s perfect for larger recording studios, where the recording space may not be adjacent to the control room. Put a MADI A/D converter in the recording room, run a single MADI optical cable to your control room, and use the MADIface USB to capture up to 64 channels of audio on your Mac or PC.

TotalMix FX mixer gives you powerful control over large track counts

While the compact MADIface USB is about as simple and elegant as it gets, you’ve got incredible control over inputs, outputs, mix levels, and more from RME’s TotalMix FX software mixer. Not only do you have unlimited routing of inputs and outputs, you can also split and distribute signals to multiple outputs at a time. You even have peak and RMS level metering, which is crucial for managing the gain levels of large numbers of tracks.

Connectivity and Features:


MADI portability at its best!

The compact MADIface USB provides MADI I/O over USB 2.0 while supporting the format’s full 64 channels for recording and playback, under Mac and Windows. Both inputs can be used for full redundancy operation. Optionally both MADI I/Os can be operated simultaneously for full 128 channel input and output access, mixed and routed by TotalMix. Even without computer the small box delivers extraordinary bi-directional format converter and active repeater functionality.

Its sturdy and bus-powered design makes it as easy to use as reliable in operation. MADIface USB is both MADI portability at its best as also a perfect desktop solution to connect MADI equipment to any Mac and PC. A real gem in flexibility, usefullness and trouble-free operation – as you expect it from RME.


Features and Operation Modes

MADIface USB offers several operation modes when used with a Mac or Windows computer: 64 Channel Mix, Redundancy mode, 128 Channel Mix and a straight routing mode.

The option Disable TotalMix completely disables TotalMix, the unit’s flexible internal mixer and routing matrix. All input and output data is going straight to record/coming from playback, with no mixing or routing involved. In this mode the outputs are mirrored, carrying the same signal.

In 64 Channel Mix mode TotalMix shows 64 input, playback and output channels. All settings in TotalMix use the data from one MADI input port, and send identical data to both MADI output ports. The currently active MADI input port can be configured in the Settings dialog.

Use it standalone as a powerful MADI repeater or format converter

While the MADIface USB is a very convenient way to get high track counts in and out of your computer, it’s fully capable without a computer as well. If you really need distance, you can use the MADIface USB as a MADI repeater between MADI-equipped converters. If you need to convert between MADI optical and coaxial formats, the MADIface USB has you covered there too.

RME MADIface USB MADI Interface Features:


  • Allows you to record and play back MADI digital audio on your Mac or PC
  • Supports 64-in/64-out at 24-bit/48kHz, 32 channels at 24-bit/96kHz, and 16 channels at 24-bit/192kHz
  • TotalMix FX mixing software gives you unlimited routing of inputs and outputs, and up 32 fully independent stereo submixes
  • Can operate standalone as a MADI optical/coax format converter or as a signal repeater
  • Comes with DIGICheck, a complete audio measurement, analysis and test tool
  • Can be bus powered via USB 2.0


Tech Specs


  • Computer Connectivity:USB 2.0
  • Form Factor:Desktop
  • Simultaneous I/O:64 x 64
  • A/D Resolution:24-bit/192kHz (16 Channels), 24-bit/96kHz (32 Channels), 24-bit/48kHz (64 Channels)
  • Digital Inputs:2 x MADI (Optical/Coaxial, BNC Connector)
  • Digital Outputs:2 x MADI (Optical/Coaxial, BNC Connector)
  • Clock I/O:Via MADI
  • Bus Powered:Yes
  • Height:1.1″
  • Width:4.4″
  • Depth:3.3″
  • Weight:0.6 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:MADIface USB


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